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Greg Gladman


c/Nicaragua 140

Tel: (+34) 93 534 3456

Entresuelo 5ª

Mobile:  (+34) 687 814 156

08029 Barcelona, España


NIE: X-06282507-B



Experienced software development director and individual contributor. Knowledge of all aspects of software development, from design and implementation through project management and company-wide coordination. Extensive development experience with C++, Win32/MFC and Symbian.  Experience with Java for Android mobile applications and server-side development. Experience with Internet technologies (TCP/IP, HTML, XML, etc.) as well as graphic design tools such as Flash and Photoshop. Background in UI, graphic design, 2D/3D graphics and animation. Enjoy contributing to multiple projects simultaneously, with experience working in a dynamic environment, adapting quickly to new responsibilities and new technology.



Code Factory - Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain

Chief Technical Officer

August 2003 – present


Responsible for the development of accessible mobile products, including Mobile Speak, a screen reader for Symbian/S60 mobile phones. The product is a world leader in the field of applications for blind and visually-impaired users. It reads the screen contents from within any application, enabling the use of the mobile phone for users who otherwise would not have access to mobile technology. Responsible for the programming, maintenance and support of the product, including interacting directly with end-users and distributors worldwide.

Hands-on design and development of the company's first product on the Android platform, due for release at the end of 2010. Written in Java, this application will provide an accessible user experience for visually-impaired users of Android smartphones. Performed the initial platform investigation, including prototyping and design of the application framework, and currently managing and participating in the implementation of the final product.

Developed an online translation system, allowing regional partners to contribute translations in their local languages for use in Code Factory products. The system uses AJAX with PHP to access a mySQL database of texts for translation, and generates resource files in a format ready for inclusion in product builds.

Created a framework for developing Symbian applications, using XML to create a dynamic user interface which is easy to customize and internationalize without requiring recompilation. Subsequently used this framework in the development of various products, including an electronic DAISY-format book reader, a text editor with support for UTF-8 files, and a POP3 email client.


Customized an existing product and developed new software to allow customers of the National Bank of Canada to apply for lines of credit online. Employed a combination of Java code, HTML, and Velocity Macros in order to create a version of the bank's internal credit request system which was suitable for use by general customers over the web. In addition, assisted with data mapping within the existing Oracle database to support the additions and modifications required by the new product. The project required extensive communication as well as on-site visits with the product team in Montreal, Quebec.


Developed multiple video games for the visually impaired, collaborating with a graphic artist and sound engineer to allow both blind and sighted players to immerse themselves in a combination of adventure and arcade games.  Developed a general framework in Macromedia Director to support navigation, inventory and conversations, and then used it to create multiple game titles. Extensive work in managing text, graphics and sound assets in multiple languages to produce versions in English, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, and Galician.



Excite@Home - Redwood City, California, USA

Director of Engineering, Client Software Applications

May 1998 – January 2002


Led the design, implementation and release of @Home 2.0, the company’s major client offering for 2000. Originally the sole engineer responsible for developing a custom web browser for @Home subscribers, worked with product marketing, UI designers, and content engineering to design the browser client. The application, built on Microsoft Internet Explorer, was aimed at @Home broadband users, and offers a localized interface based on a customer’s geographic location, as well as network-enabled bookmarks and auto-update capability. Following the design phase, assembled an engineering team to help implement and release the application. In addition, directed the development and maintenance of other portions of the @Home client software bundle, including installation, diagnostics, and third-party applications. The product shipped in May 2000, to a user base of approximately 3 million broadband subscribers.


Helped lead the development effort for the @Home Startup CD, released in October 2000. Managed the build and release team, which maintained the source tree and build system across multiple releases. Implemented portions of the client software installer, and produced customized versions of Internet Explorer for various target platforms. Traveled on multiple occasions to work on-site with AT&T to test and debug the product in their Denver, CO, USA labs.


Managed the Browser Environments, Broadband Platform, and Release Engineering groups. Browser Environments includes the @Home custom browser client, customized versions of Internet Explorer, and the Excite Toolbar, all of which provide various degrees of Excite@Home functionality within the browser experience. Broadband Platform provides unified client services for various applications, including login/logout, XML parsing, auto-update, and event notification. Release Engineering was responsible for source tree maintenance and product builds for all domestic and international client software.


Served a dual role as both manager and individual contributor for the Messenger product.  Messenger consisted of a desktop application for PC and Mac platforms, as well as a combination of server products, which together provided instant messaging, presence, contact management, email notification, and content presentation for both Excite narrowband and @Home broadband users.  In August 2001, there were over 100,000 unique registered users of the Messenger product.



FirstFloor Software (now Calico Technologies) – Mountain View, California, USA

Distinguished Engineer

December 1995 – May 1998


Responsible for the user interface portions of Smart Delivery 1.0 and Smart Delivery 2.0. Led a team of three to five engineers, designing a flexible ActiveX-based UI framework to create an easy-to-use sales force automation and groupware product, as well as a set of components that are easily integrated into third-party applications. Worked closely with server and database groups to design various portions of the product outside the user interface. Performed scheduling and task management for all UI portions of the current generation of product.


Worked with Microsoft to design monitoring and offline browsing functionality for Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. Adapted the existing FirstFloor agent technology into a more usable system, which became the basis for the later generations of products.


Maintained and enhanced multiple versions of the Smart Bookmarks/Netscape SmartMarks product. Delivered a custom version of the product that allowed information gathering from the Web for CD-ROM publishing; coordinated directly with the outside customer to deliver the product on schedule.



CoroNet Systems/Compuware – Los Altos, California, USA

Project Lead/Senior Software Engineer

January 1995 – December 1995


Project lead of Windows Applications group for the CoroNet Management System, a management tool for network planners and administrators. Responsible for ongoing design, implementation and maintenance of the Single View management console, as well as the majority of the user interface for the product line. Redesigned large portions of the product’s user interface for version 1.2 in order to improve usability and overall look and feel. Implemented remote configuration of CoroNet’s network monitors from the management console, using SNMP and TFTP protocols. Developed the installation program for version 1.0.


Worked closely with QA, documentation, product marketing and technical support during all phases of product development. Interacted extensively with customers and beta test sites; shared technical support duties during period following release of 1.0 version. Various other responsibilities included UNIX system administration and PC support, WWW server administration and HTML authoring.



FTP Software, Inc. – San Francisco, California, USA

Staff Engineer

August 1991 - January 1995


Team leader for Services OnNet, a suite of TCP/IP services (NFS, FTP, LPD, DHCP) for Microsoft Windows and Windows NT. Created a flexible, extensible server architecture used for both Win16 and Win32 platforms. Designed and implemented user interfaces for several servers, and contributed to protocol engines for Windows NFS servers. Developed a user-friendly configuration UI, allowing easy administration. Specified and developed installation programs for both platforms.


Developed a product-wide configuration application for PC/TCP for DOS/Windows, as well as a simple version of an instant messaging application. Ported a Silicon Graphics flight simulator to run over FTP’s DOS TCP/IP kernel, including creating DOS versions of large portions of the SGI IRIS graphics libraries. Participated in the development of various tradeshow projects, including an SNMP-controlled LEGO™ train.




The Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio, USA

B.S. Computer Science, 1991


Primary focus on computer graphics: 2D and 3D rendering algorithms, 3D animation. Additional coursework in networking, operating system concepts, databases, formal grammars and compilers. Experience in C, Pascal, and IBM System/360 assembly. Worked as campus computing site supervisor, responsible for consultation and maintenance with BSD UNIX, Macintosh and PC hardware and software. Member of Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma honorary society.






Resident of Barcelona, Spain. United States citizen.



Native English speaker; advanced level of Spanish.