You may have noticed that this blog has been fairly quiet for the past few months, at least as far as written posts are concerned. There’s a reason for that, and for once it’s not the standard “too busy to post” excuse. It’s actually because there’s a significant piece of news that I’ve had to keep under wraps for a while, but now that I’ve broken the news to my group at work and to our primary client, I can go public with it here.

After more than 10 years in Spain, we’re moving back to the US this summer. I have a job offer waiting for me in San Francisco, Sofia has been accepted to a kindergarten in Half Moon Bay for this fall, and we’re in the later stages of applying for Amy’s permanent residence visa. Our current date estimate is sometime in late July; that date depends in large part on getting Amy’s visa approved, but also on letting Sofia finish out her school year here in Barcelona.

To say I have a lot of thoughts and reflections about this move is an understatement, and I’m sure a lot of them will bubble up to the surface here. Overall, though, while it’s been an interesting decade-long adventure, it feels good to be heading home again.